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This one is worth coming to...

Seriously make an effort to come to this and get a few friends. If any of you can spread it around the web a bit that would be great also:

Mainstage Comedy and Music Club Announces

Comics For Sonics Comedy Benefit and DVD Taping

SEATTLE, WA (September 13, 2007) Mainstage Comedy and Music Club announces that they will be hosting a special Comics for Sonics Comedy Benefit and DVD Taping on Tuesday, September 18. Ticket sales will benefit Save our Sonics.

Seattle Sonics and Storm fans have had little to laugh about - until now... on Tuesday, September 18th, at 7:00 pm, Mainstage Comedy and Music Club will be hosting a special COMICS FOR SONICS Benefit.

This special comedy FUN-Raiser is a benefit for Save Our Sonics showcasing some of Seattle's foremost sportsfan comics.

This show will be recorded and the DVD will be available post-show for attendees and fans who cannot attend but still love the Sonics and Storm, want to support the effort and buy a great comedy show in the process.

Hosted by Paul Merrill, a stand-up comic and one of the bloggers for, an internationally renowned Sonics fan blog with thousands of hits every day from around the world.

Dan Moore
Travis Simmons
Harrold Gomez
Brad Upton
surprise guest comedians
and Headlined by Seattle's Own Rod Long

Mainstage opens at 4:00 with our famous $1 Domestics Happy Hour

Show at 7:00, with door prizes, a raffle, show tickets!

Where: Mainstage Comedy and Music Club, 315 - 1st Avenue North, Seattle WA 98109 - 206-317-2700
When: Tuesday, September 18th

Cover: $10:00