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Say Clay, Would You Rub Some Of That Powder On My Lips?

If the Mariners brass ran the Sonics:

-Trade Kevin Durant and Jeff Green for Brian Skinner and Kevin Ollie, citing "veteran experience"

-Luke Ridnour becomes beloved local icon with own Auto Glass ad

-Ray Allen allowed to play 80 games on gimpy leg after he originally injures it in the second game of the season. Coach John McLaren says "he's bound to come around at some point."

-Sonics GM Bill Bavasi praises the gritty intensity of Luke Ridnour and says the best free agent PG on the market is David Wesley. When reminded that David Wesley isn't a free agent until after the 2007-08 season, Bavasi decides to trade Robert Swift for Eric Snow.

Interesting note from the P-I blog:

The Top Five Sonic drafts of all time. He has 1977 as the best, where the Sonics selected Sikma and Joe "Who?" Hassett. Not sure I agree. '89 was better for quality (Barros, Kemp) and 1974 beats it for quantity. Your thoughts?

Presti makes the cover of the Brushback. Look to your left.

Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Shawn Marion, But Were Forced To Find Out

Naw, Henry puts together the definitive article on the subject. If Durant pans out as a 2, and Green a 4 ... would there be any interest in Marion as a Sonic?

Also from TrueHoop, he's baa-aack!

other quick hits: LeBron hosting SNL this weekend.