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Media Day Monday

I am so excited for the official beginning of Sonics coverage. For those who don’t know how it works the players are all required by contract to report to Seattle tomorrow(Friday) for physicals and their pre-season meetings. Then on Monday they have media day where all the standard NBA photos in uniform are taken. This is an open invitation to media to come and interview every member of the team. Many papers, etc. stock up on interview material and footage that is used in the coming season to supplement their gameday stuff.

Every team has pretty much the same schedule and news outlets that have been completely without basketball coverage will begin to fill with preseason coverage on either Tuesday or Wednesday depending on their deadlines. Immediately following the players will start practices and we’ll begin to get updates on player conditioning, etc.

Media day is not open to the public but each year fans gather at the fence outside the Furtado Center. A number of players will be available for autograph, etc. as they walk from the team hotel(even veterans are required to stay at the hotel during training camp) and if you dress up in your Sonics gear you have a very good chance of being grabbed by one of the TV stations in attendance for an interview. This isn’t formal or available all the time, but c’mon with this situation brewing you know they’ll be looking for some fans to talk to. I would show up at about 12:30 and be prepared to stand around a bit if you want to get an autograph or two.

The Furtado Center is located just of I-99 behind the Nate McMillan courts in the Seattle Center parking lot. It is the green and yellow building NorthEast of the EMP.

In the last few scrimmages my understanding is that Durant(he snuck into town didn’t he?) is struggling with size and weight issues much like he did in the first couple of summer games. That is really not suprising to me. I think he is a guy who is going to need referees on the court to really make his game work in the NBA. On the flip side Mo Sene looked like an absolute stud last year but he just looks better without the officials.

Rumors swirling about Miami, LA, Phoenix, etc. making trades and it is pretty exciting that there are still dealmaking opportunities out there. I don’t see where we fit into any but there is always a chance we could find a way into the deal. In particular I find the Phoenix situation very interesting. Keep in mind that we get their first round pick next year and they are suddenly entering the season with a lot of controversy. Steve Nash is freaking amazing but he is older. If he slows down and Marion is distracted that is 2 of their 3 best players and they could slip a little next year. I’m not saying they will but I’m saying the possibility is out there.

I expect it to go pretty quiet between Clay and the city for now. They need to let a judge come back to them and will go from there. Also I just don’t see any arena news being made public until after the November election. There is no upside in releasing cost or spending information right before an election.