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Come Monday

One of my favorite Jimmy Buffet songs right there.

Monday should be an exciting day. Expect some news from the battle lines to accompany media day and add a bit more spice to things.

I have to admit my sources with the team are somewhat limited this year. Its not like they have that many players or staff members left from 12 months ago. It take my tidbits and make the most of them.

What I continue to hear is that Durant struggles with the heavy contact of the league. It will simply be an adjustment period. A former NBA Exec told me earlier this week that Seattle fans will be disappointed early because Durant will need time to adjust to this game before he is a star, but that without question he will be one.

From my perspective I would tell people that I watched Mo Sene as much as anyone in early scrimmages last season and the guy was a dominant force until referees were inserted into the scene. Instead of "block, block, rebound, rebound, dunk" he started getting "goaltend, goaltend, push, push, offensive foul" and then it really got into his head.

We saw that same thing with Kevin in the summer leagues. His lack of physicality hurt him early but his finesse paid big dividends when the refs started calling fouls. In other words don't get too down on him until the real games start.

Yesterday was the Sonics Open House at their new office. I RSVP'd but for some reason they never got back to me to confirm. I just did not have the emotional energy to show up their and deal with people.

My VERY favorite event of the year however is coming up October 6th. The team will host an open practice that is ALWAYS a good time. Check out for details and make sure you attend this informal and fun event.

I'm pretty floored by the e-mail I'm getting of people saying they will show up at media day. I always have moderate expectations but it would be fun to welcome Kevin Durant with a crowd of people in Green and Gold standing at the fence. Try to make it.

Props to Gary Washburn of the PI for putting out articles when information is scarce. He's keeping the attention on the team and reporting good stuff.