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Let's talk about Chris Wilcox

Last season Chris Wilcox was an enigma. One day he was a world beater, and the next day he would disappear. At times we would see glimpses of the fantastic talent he has, and other times he would appear to not be giving full effort. No doubt about it though, when he is involved, he can be a high impact player. Wilcox is still a young player (though not in terms of our current roster!) so he still gets labeled with the p-word: Potential. Will Wilcox have a break through season this year and reach some of that untapped potential? Has he put the effort in this off-season to improve himself? What will Wilcox's role be this coming season? Is he willing to learn from Kurt Thomas? Was his up and down season last year due to coaching, or was it something more personal?

Wilcox is one of the most exciting players to watch that the Sonics can put on the floor. I love his brand of high-flying dunks and athleticism. I would just like to see it with greater consistency. Will he take it to the next level? What do you think?