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Come As You Are

Full Council 9/10/2007
Start Time: 2:00 PM
Location: 600 4th Avenue, 2nd Floor - Council Chambers
Contact: Council Reception 206-684-8888
Sponsored by: Seattle City Council

This Tuesday - Sept 4 - Council Member McIver introduced an
ordinance that is very similar in nature to I-93 in that is will legally lock
the Mayor into the stance of not negotiating with ClayClay and Co.

On Monday - Sept 10 - the proposed Ordinance will be put to a vote of
the entire City Council - should it pass then the Ordinance becomes Law

Having the support of Storm fans at either of these City Council
Session would be great - the session on Monday, Sept 10 would be most crucial
in the process - in fact having fans of the Storm speak before the
Council would be awesome