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Good For Clay

Mr. Bennett toured the Muckleshoot site yesterday.

I have continued to say, and will continue to say that we need to temper our harsh words with encouragement when appropriate. It may be too late and it may be too little but at least ownership is looking at potential solutions. Good for them. If theyget a deal done to keep the team here I will be first in line to shake Clay Bennetts hand.

For the record he did not give me a call while in town. :)

In the last week I have recieved a LOT of communication from people here in Seattle all the way to New York re-enforcing the concept that, if we solve the arena solution, this team will stay. Despite the feeling that ownership is determined to move the NBA is not going to abandon this market lightly and wants very badly to find a solution. There are both local arena solutions and local ownership groups available and the opportunity is there for us. Also reportedly the Mayors office has really stepped up efforts to get something done. Lots of things suddenly starting to shake up.

Noticable for their involvement would Pete Von Reichbauer, and Ron Crockett. Having big players like this involved in finding a solution is simply huge and Von Reichbauer in particular deserves some encouragement. Please e-mail him your thanks at We need Von Reichbauer to stay in the forefront of this issue.