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Easy As Making A Lame Man Blind

Ah the Knicks and Bulls in town this weekend. That gives me an opportunity to kick Isiah Thomas around some more.

Nick Collison's face on this reminds me of the expression you sometimes see on Jesus' face on those candles in the grocery store. Nick probably hasn't been that clean shaven looking since before he hit puberty. Wilcox doesn't look stoned enough.

G-Dub in the P-U gives you the wrapup

There had been complaints that Durant was firing too many shots and his teammates not enough. But three Sonics -- Chris Wilcox, Kurt Thomas and Durant -- all attempted 10 or more shots while Johan Petro took nine and Jeff Green eight.

And even though Durant didn't score 40 points, he had a major impact on the game and still took the pivotal shots in the fourth quarter. That's how you develop rookies. You teach them offensive discipline at the right times and to be selfish down the stretch. It was a good win for the Sonics, who end a difficult month on a two-game losing streak, being the 2007 NBA finalists in back-to-back games.

Props to Jeff Green on a nice game

Did Ilgauskas shoot his team out of the game? 11-11 on FT attempts but stout post defense by Nick Collison among others.

Welcome the worst front office executive and coach in professional sports and his team to the Key tomorrow. Isiah, you suck.

Interesting discussion in the other thread about the worst trios in the NBA this season. Wasn't Crawford/Curry/?? one of them?

And lest we forget in tomorrow's game thread: