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This Deserves its own thread

I want to just say clearly that anybody who wants a role with SOS can have it.

We've been accused a lot in recent months of inactivity. As said in my last post we have been really trying hard to be patient. Since mid-november we have spent just about every week thinking that the arena proposal would be out within 10 days.

We also have been accused(maybe that's a strong word) of not involving people who want to help. I totally and 100% take responsibility for that. We have had a number of people who really wanted to help, but not a certain plan of what to have them do. When they contact us we don't have a direction to send them and most lose focus and wander off.

Part of this has been the schedule, and the patience I've talked about. Part of it has been a sense of wanting to control this entire issue. A lack of trust if you will. Another part of it is simply that Steve and I have our strengths and our weaknesses. Delegation is a weakness. Doing public type events is also a weakness. We are simply not "Rah-Rah" kind of guys. What we've done is found that it is immensly easier for us to manage the media and meet with political leaders than it is to engage the public.

I really think the time for that is ending. We have burned a TON of energy holding onto this thing for nearly 20 months now. We're ready for some fresh blood who wants to take charge of the public side of things.

Here's the caveat. We don't need people looking for us to tell them what to do. We can provide a lot of insight and maybe tell people what not to do, but we don't have the skills or the energy to give people a plan for every day. We're just volunteers and we need people who can bring it to the table, like Speedcat did with the banner.

There are a number of obstacles. Stern managed to silence my all-star surprise and pretty much overwhelm your banner. It is an uphill battle requiring endurance.

Please let me know if interested.