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And with the #31 pick?

Something to fill the time a little bit here.

I know that I personally was very excited last year to see what the Sups would do with the #31 overall pick in the draft. It's a pick that has in the past turned out some highly coveted fallers (Lampe, Varejao) and where a number of really productive NBA players were available if you'd scouted them(Monta Ellis, Gilbert Arenas, Carlos Boozer, etc.)

There were a number of guys I liked on the board at draft time. Marcus Williams, Derrick Byers, Josh McRoberts, Gabe Pruit to name a few. The Sonics wound up selecting Carl Landry and trading him to Houston where he has at least made the team and played some minutes.

So the conversation today is who should we have taken, why, and what impact if any would they possibly have had on this season. Thoughts?