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Happy Mondays

Here's the view from behind the Magic bench last night. Thanks to G and S for the VIP tix.

Patrick Ewing is still very tall, and Dwight Howard has ENORMOUS guns that must be seen to be believed...(and I'm a bit of an expert on enormous guns, let me tell ya.)

But seriously, I thought Aaron Williams had the biggest shoulders I had ever seen on a human being until Dwight came around. That guy is just an unbelievable physical specimen. I can't even imagine how dominant he's going to be in 5-6 years.

The Lakers were flat out nuts last night, playing great. But look at Gelabale's stat line ... 10-16? What the hell ... or sacre bleu! cherchez la femme! Kissez mon grits! this from the guy who looked like he had all the offensive capability of a bowl of chicken pad thai. If we continue to see more of this ... can anyone explain how and why the hell Damien Wilkins was getting minutes?

I'm searching for reasons to keep watching this total wreck of a roster for the rest of the season and I would say that Gelabale is a major one ... except then Clay Bennett might send the word down to bench the Frenchy until further notice ... so with that in mind


More bad news for Big Rob.

Torn meniscus in his right knee. So depending on where the tear is and its severity I would expect Robert to miss between 3-6 weeks which will essentially be the season. That's regrettable but this is beginning to become something of a pattern. Whether the extra weight added at the beginning of the season contributed we'll never know but as fans the bottom line is that Robert Swift is as much or more of an enigma now as he was when he was drafted. I have literally no idea what he can contribute to any team at this point because he simply hasn't ever been healthy for enough time to properly evaluate.

I've asked a couple times over the last month whether or not posters thought that the club will offer Swift the qualifying offer next year. It would not surprise me at this point if that doesn't happen, not because I think that Francisco Elson is a better option but simply because I don't think Clay Bennett is going to spend $3,579,131 for a 3rd center.