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If Tom Carr is Our PG then I put Bill Simmons at Center

The lineup is begining to emerge. Slade Gorton at SF with those tight 80's shorts....shiver

3000 e-mails in 24 hours. Major props Sonics fans!

Here's why the Seattle situation should matter to everyone who cares about sports: After being part of the city for 41 years, the Sonics are being stolen away for dubious reasons while every NBA owner and executive allows it to happen, including David Stern, the guy who's supposed to be policing this stuff. I think it's reprehensible to watch someone hijack a franchise away from the people who cared about the team and loved it and nurtured it through the years. It belittles not just the good people of Seattle, but everyone who loves sports and believes it provides a unique and valuable connection for a city, a community, family members and friends.