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Positive Rumblings

OK! Here it is:

There are some positive rumblings out of Olympia coming up in the next hours and days. One article is already up and the papers are fleshing it out fairly quickly. They do have real basis.

Any solution for the Sonics is a house of cards that can fall with the slightest political breeze. Right now there is a real sense of not mucking the water by going crazy. As such I've been really restrained in public commentary despite the fact that my phone is ringing off the damn hook

The biggest difference between now and a while ago is the emergence of local ownership willing to cut a much bigger check for the arena, and possibly for the team. Real names, civic heros, people who want to solve this problem. This group has made itself known to the political circles and they could be willing to make a substantial investment, as much or in excess of 50% of the arena solution that it has completely changed the dynamics of talks.

I have been critical of the mayors office time and time again for their policy of secrecy. As things begin to emerge I have to tip my hat. These people have been putting in extreme effort and have come up with a game plan that not only will be a solution to the basketball problem, but a win for the city and the Seattle Center. We'll worry about Clay Bennett tomorrow.

We're a long way from the finish line. Again I advise, don't ride the roller coaster. This is really good news but we should not get overly excited or do much with it at this time. I'm only trying to tip you guys off because the papers will have it shortly.