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Supes vs. Suns Game Thread

Pelton's Place

No Shaq ... but I expect he'll be the main topic of conversation.

Any reason to expect success?

As for tonight's game, the Suns have limited their already-limited depth by dealing two rotation players for O'Neal, who is not yet able to play. On Wednesday, Phoenix went to double-OT against New Orleans and used just eight players, with two of them (deep reserves Brian Skinner and D.J. Strawberry) playing a combined 26 minutes. The other six regulars logged at least 39 minutes of action. D'Antoni has always run his regulars hard, but continuing that pace would be difficult. The Hornets ultimately prevailed 132-120 with four players scoring at least 20 points.

"And on the block smokin weed with hash
when I breeze pass I`m bout to run through this game like I was Steve Nash "