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The Letter

So let me say that I was not aware that the letter had not been made public yet. Shows how busy I've been.

I do however have a copy of the letter in my posession, given over by the political powers that be for review and commentary early yesterday. I'm obviously not going to betray any confidence by revealing it, but feel that I can in good faith make some comments on its contents.

If anyone is telling you, as Mr. Goodman just did on KJR radio that this letter clearly spells out the states intention to spend this money on Key Arena, or that it in any way even represents a promise of any kind then they simply have not read the letter.

The letter we are discussing does not in any way promise that the state will participate in this measure. What it does is point out that the city can take care of this matter via its own bonding on a short term basis and then promise to create a committee to review the usages of this fund against the arts, homelessness, dirty laundry, and the preservation of bowling alleys to make a determination where the funding can be used most effectively. It promises to consider the Key Arena on that list. Nothing more, nothing less.

Goodman is either lying or he hasn't seen the letter. If he is a guy who really wants a solution here then he is being lied to by his own political party.

I had to vent.