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Where we're at

Guys I hardly know where to start...There was a game last night. Thanks to Big Chris for keeping that in perspective.

It does not look like this is going to get done this session and that is just a tremendous disservice. They flat out ignored the will of the people. k

The governor’s office would like to pass the buck here but we really can't do so. Their feeling is that sports fans, while emotional, will not turn out at the ballots and that over the next 6 months this issue will fade in their memory. Our task with her is going to be to get repetitive letters in all the papers criticizing the leadership displayed and to continue to send the political message that this issue is one that people are emotional about and can cost you an election. I doubt it will get her to call for a special session but you never know.

The good news is that our voice was heard and backers of the Sonics have al ot more energy than they did just a week ago. It is easy to forget how resgned we were to the fact that this court case being our last hope.

So we have owners, we have an arena plan, and we have $225 million. Now if the fans will just pitch in the other $75M

Not gonna happen.

The deputy mayor and potential ownership group huddled up yesterday and are looking at options that don't include the state. It is a freaking travesty and I hope members of legislature who were duped by their leadership are ashamed of themselves. I know a lot of them really felt that this letter was enough because they were told that by their party leaders. Hopefully they will stand up and let it be known that they support things.

Believe it or not I'm feeling good this morning. Things are brewing along and people have in some fashion moved on.

We're going to be looking into today whether we should begin rallying at the city council and county council urging them to support the mayor’s plan. The mayor will likely need the help but I don't think we want to "swamp" them the way we have legislature. That could just piss them off. Let me look into it and get back to you all this morning.