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Talk to your council

Ladies and Gentlemen we simply continue to shift the pressure.

Sonics fans have come out in full force over the last week. We need to keep it up by applying pressure to the city council.

At this time the Council is being supportive of the stand our mayor is taking. We need to assure that they continue to support the mayor, giving him the tools he needs to seal this deal. Please cut and paste this list, sending them an e-mail. I must re-itterate again BE POLITE.

Talking Points:
1) We thank you foryour continued support of the Mayors plan to renovate Key Arena, bring private a large private contribution to Seattle Center, and save the Sonics.

2) NBA Basketball is a valuable part of our cities cultural diversity and deserves to be retained.

3) This investment is key to the overall health and vitality of the Seattle Center.;,,,,,,,