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For the record this e-mail address has been set up to deliver messages to all members of the Seattle City Council. If you haven't yet you should drop them a line asking them to support the mayors plans and find a way to work with the new potential ownership group.

I'm feeling good about things people. This mayor is going to deserve a lot of credit when all is said and done. I've criticized him in the past but his office has simply played things just right.

I wish I felt so good about the product on the floor. The simple truth is that these guys have given up. The culture of losing is so deep that I wonder how many of these guys will ever make a meaningful contribution as a Sonic. You can look at Durant but below that I think that each and every player, and that includes some of my favorites like Nick Collison, would benefit from a change of scenery. The perpetual "bad vibe" is going to be tough to purge even if we get new ownership and a fresh start.