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The most lopsided loss since Denver

3691 to 117

This was the 4 day total of calls to the governors hotline begining the morning after the Ballmer announcement and ending the Tuesday we assumed it was dead and filed our public disclosure.

97% of the people who bothered to call in urged her to support a solution and get something done. We expect similar numbers but a much greater quantity of calls when the legislature returns their tallys.

I am not certain that the city ever expected to get anywhere with legislature this year. Whether they did or not I really think our efforts make it more likely that they get at least some of their money back from the state next year. That 97% number is overwhelming and hard to ignore. I cannot tell you how many people last year told us "my calls are going 10 to 1 against" last year when we simply knew this was not true.

Good work people.