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Sonics Vs. Lakers Game Thread

Pelton's Place

Dammit Zags! Also UConn and USC both bounced. Go Cougs ...

There's always Boise State vs Louisville if things get ugly quickly.

The Lakers just passed the Hornets for 1st overall in the West. Perhaps they're the exception to wing-player led teams not being successful.

Funny note of the day, so I get a call today from my friend Timm, who's laughing his ass off at something he just saw in the paper. Apparently 80s cult (as-in-blink-and-you-probably-missed-them-cult) band Was (Not Was) will be playing the Tractor sometime next month.

"How much are tickets?" I asked.

"$25" he says disparagingly.

"Yeah, that's a lot of money to pay just to hear 'Walk The Dinosaur.'"

Boom Boom Ack-A-Lacka-Lacka-Boom