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Name the OK Franchise?

Win 5 free tickets to a Sonics game if you can name the NBA's new franchise in Oklahoma City.

Theres a lot that could be read into this article.

They state the willingness to leave behind the team colors and history. Thats something I'm not suprised about. Then somewhere else they say they are willing to leave behind "virtually everything except the players and coaches." So much fo those new jobs you all have been promised in OKC....Ben Willson, Marketing Director, we're just going to leave you behind...
Seriously does this mean that they basically form 2 franchises. We get an operations staff but no talent and they get the team but no support? Sounds crazy to me.

I do know that the tide is shifing. The national coverage is expanding. Clearly the team is afraid of a potential problem and this paranoia is causing them difficulties. Now this article comes out and it becomes clearer to me daily that the team and league are begining to squirm a little bit. They have never wanted to go through with this trial. They always assumed that they would get out early. Now just weeks away the ugliness has settled in nd the concessions start to come. They'll leave the colors but they want the team. We'll take the colors and we want the team, but maybe if they give us ANY team we'll settle.

I am not certain how it will work out. I want to win with these guys, this team, this roster. I do know that I feel good about our overall options at this point. I just wonder how attached ClayClay could be to this 17 win monstrosity of a roster. There area few bright spots but he'sgot to realize that even with a new building these guys will still suck.

I read this article and I just get a sense that we're moving in a direction where the players are getting ready to deal. Clay threw a couple of cards down and it was not enough, but its movement in the right direction. We have faith that he'll do the right thing. Or else he will endure the most miserable public litigation he could ever imagine. He'll embarass the league and he friends. We'll make sure it is th most heavily publicized spots trial in the history of sports.