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Arena News?

So I don't know much more than any of you do regarding the potential for a press conference tomorrow.

This was first announced behind the scenes last Thursday when people tipped off the media to be ready for a Tuesday press conference with very few details. They fleshed it out today.

I hear that Fred Brown may be involved in this. He was stumping a private facility down in Olympia a couple of weeks ago and not taken particularly seriously. He is a fairly difficult guy to deal with so nobody knows what he is doing. One person who had seen the proposal refers to it as "a stretch"

I can tell you that the Ballmer group and city officials are not a part of this announcement. They don't know anything about it.

David Sabey's land is the logical next place to look. His people say they know nothing about this but would not put it past him. It has always been the best site other than Seattle Center and he has desired to get it done. He has however never really had much desire to pay top $$ to get it done. This seperates him from the Ballmer group who would seem to have the ability to pry the team away from Bennett.

There is some speculation that while the city has not seen the plan the league may have. One person said that this PR firm did in fact say the NBA has approved this plan. That said I have no details whatsoever and everything at this minute is either speculation or a potential april fools joke. We shall see.

I think the city is getting worried about their Key Arena plans. They are just having a tough time getting money together.

Between this news and Memphis gossip swirling around it is just crazy times. I have no idea if there is any substance to any of it right now.