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Grain of Salt

I'm going to caution everyone to take tomorrows news with a grain of salt. What I posted in the last thread is accurate: This is another potential option. Not THE option, not A REPLACEMENT OPTION. It is another choice and the fact that these guys are coming out of the woodwork is indicative that people do care and lots of people want to see a solution.

What I worry about is that the concept of a completely privately funded arena could distract people, especially our political leaders, away from the real ownership group sitting at the table right now. Whether this proposed arena is viable or not there will still be a percentage of folks who use it as proof that the government should not give up a single cent. If that attitude prevails then it could prevent the right deal from happening.

This could be the ultimate huge news and we're going to evaluate it and generally support any options to keep the team. I'm honestly hopefully that this is the magic cure. That said remember that just because a press conference is called, or the news says something, doesn't make something completely viable.