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2006 Smoking Loon California Sirah

16 interviews today and KIRO 7 is still calling. Sorry man. I'm not picking up the phone.

Some day I'll explain to you guys how stressful media interviews are. They simply take a tremendous toll.

Here are some highlights for the day:

I think the media event went very well. Slade simply inspires confidence. It was funny listening to Groz with Gas talking about how their conversation with the senator had brought them hope. It was the same way with me. When he got involved suddenly I knew that there was a way to make this all work.

Talking to people in Olympia and the media there is a fairly decent split: 30% say that this has no chance of passing, 30% say it is 50/50, and 30% say that the deal is already cut and despite the legislature posturing they are prepared to rally and save the day. The remaining 10% are voting Ralph Nader for president

We need to keep up the pressure. Great job to Sonics fans hitting the phones and the radios. It is going to be a blitz for the next week. We cannot let up for a minute.

Matt Griffen proved to be an engaging and entertaining man. As the face of ownership I can say that we would all like him immensely. He has a great sense of humor and is good with the media. When I met him today he says "Oh yes call e-mail have other people e-mail me...don't you get that I've been busy the last few days?" And pretends to hide his face.

I liked him a lot. I think we need to throw our support behind him.

We need a new thread so this is it. I think that today the mayor and Senator Slade laid out a compelling argument. Here it is "It's now or never. We need to focus on right now and get this deal done."

Their argument is this: Prior to the NBA vote in April we have leverage. With the ability to offer a settlement in court we have leverage. If you get to next year you lack both those key components and our leverage is significantly weakened.

Last point I want to make is that over the last 2 weeks I have seen a tremendous increase in people thanking me for my role in all this. Today someone actually gave me a huge hug on the streets just for the effort. I want to thank you all back for your role and urge you to win the fight. We have had a ton of help. My co-founder Steve Pyaett probably does not get enough credit nor does legal council Paul Schneiderman, Scott Ulrich, or for that matter Steve Stearns, Chris Meirose, or any of the people who cover the slack with this site. We've added some pretty high power corporate help to SaveOurSonics of late so thanks to Gary Odegard, John Besterman, and Rich King. Also big thanks to Raf Calonzo who is a genious.

We're not there yet. You guys are thanking me early. I have to give props back but it is not time yet to start saying thank you or taking credit. Lets fight the fight, win the game, and let Steve Ballmer take all the credit. I am very cool with that.

Remember: It's all about the WIN.

Keep up the pressure.

Back to my wine!