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The Governor

Give Governor Gregoire's Office a Call:
Governor's Office (360) 902-4111
For relay operators for the deaf or hearing impaired, please dial 7-1-1

Fax Governor Gregoire a Letter:
(360) 753-4110

I am disappointed in this comment attributed to the Governor in the Seattle Times:

Aaron Toso, a Gregoire spokesman, said the governor "has not made any commitments to local officials or to potential owners" to approve the proposal.

So here's the deal. Contact the governor. Say that she should encourage the passage of this bill this session or we will explore Dino Rossi's opinion on the matter. Lets not be subtle:

Please circulate this with the same ferocity we circulated the last message. Tomorrow this is #1 priority. Lets make people who make anti-sonics comments re-think them!