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A Success

HUGE Props to Sonics fans today for a great rally. Over 350 fans made real progress. Watch channel 4 and 13 tonight for footage and look for pictures and footage up on this site tomorrow.

A HUGE Thank you to everybody. I got a bit misty-eyed.

I do want to say also that I'm really going back and forth on my feelings for the governor. I've been really critical publicly of her comments in the press and gotten a lot of flack for doing from people who really understand how critical her support is in this matter.

There is a behind the scenes feeling that she is working very hard on this deal. I don't like leaving open the excuse that we can wait until next year, but I also don't like demonizing someone who has always been consistent in her support for the team. We need to keep pressure on her, but remember to keep it the kind of positive pressure that we reserve for friends. Think this "Ms. Governor, we're going to be awfully happy when you use the power of your office to get this passed this session..."

Be ready for Monday to hit the phones hard again with "a letter is not enough" messages.

If you are going to write a letter and have it be "binding" in any way then just pass the damn bill. We are involved in litigation with the league. People have to get that when you cross that line you deal with facts and figures, not intentions and feeling. The message will be sent with passage of a bill, not some letter that will have no effect on potential new elected.

Monday should be a big day. Think about who you can call, get a list of phone numbers ready, and keep the pressure up. If you've called and had 5 of your best friends do the same then you need to be ready to work and get those 5 people to each work 5 more people. You need to find extra sources of call. This will likely be decided by Wed so just focus on 72 hours of intense pressure.