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In addition to the below post here is a Monday Morning assignment:

Lets Specifically add that if we can find a way to get this posted in break rooms at CostCo and MicroSoft I think it is a good thing. Not sure if ownership will help this yet or not. They're very sensative to this. Nothing stopping us from faxing it over with instructions to display in their break rooms though.

Our good friend Rafael made up yet another great poster. If you need graphics have me contact him.


We need people to distribute this poster as much as possible to sports related venues such as sports bars, taverns, gyms, casinos, etc. In addition I'm thinking that places such as Lumberyards, plumbing supply shops, etc. where there are a high concentration of Sports fans. We need to be somewhat cautious of venue as we don't want anti-arena people getting our number (I was on Dori Monson, trust me I know...)

When you give it to people explain to the bartender, manager, whatever how important this is and ask them to display it prominently and more than that to point it out and emphasize how time sensative this all is. We need the calls in the next couple of day.

If you run a business that has any bulk-fax capabilities or just have some good business contacts that could put this in break rooms Please send it along to them via e-mail or fax. Lets get this poster up all over the place.