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Snakes in the grass

For those who haven't seen this article, check it it out .

E-mails reveal Sonics owners intended to bolt from Seattle by Jim Brunner

E-mails obtained by lawyers for the city of Seattle show Sonics owners were talking enthusiastically last April about moving the franchise to Oklahoma City — despite telling the public and the NBA they were still interested in keeping the team here.

This is going to get very interesting, interesting indeed.

As a reminder from a post yesterday:

Save Our Sonics is happy to report that Governor Christine Gregoire has requested a meeting prior to her 3:30 campaign appearance today. The Governor has re-iterated her desire to address our issue and her representative reports that she remains in discussion with the city looking for a solution.

Please attend Gov. Gregoire's campaign kickoff today at 3:30 where we will provide a complete update.


Brian Robinson posted the following comment I don't want to get buried or lost:

Guys if you are season ticket holders I think now may be a reasonable time to file a state consumer protection act violation against the team. You received multiple letters from Mr. Bennett soliciting your purchase under the assumption that he was making a good faith effort to keep the teams here. Todays revelations are indicative that not only was he not trying to keep them here, but that he was actively trying to move them. It is a pretty logical leap that he intentionally watered down the product he delivered to you.