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Rossi Chimes In

Gregoire Says she was Lied to about the Sonics, Now What?

Redmond, WA – After news reports that Sonics owner Clay Bennett was planning all along to move to the team to Oklahoma City, Gov. Christine Gregoire said that she and everyone else in the state had been lied to. The fact still remains that Gregoire knew about Bennett’s plans to move the team, and about a private ownership group’s offer to help finance a Key Arena upgrade and buy the Sonics, since well before this year’s legislative session ended and still refused to act. The private group’s offer expired yesterday.

“Christine Gregoire had the chance to act during the legislative session to help save the Sonics and all she did was wave the white flag of defeat,” said Dino Rossi. “Regardless of whether or not Gregoire was lied to by Clay Bennett, she still refused to act on the plan from Ballmer’s group. She now talks about the need to save the Sonics. But we don’t need talk, we need action. The NBA Board of Governors is meeting next week and time is running out. If Gregoire is serious about wanting to save the Sonics, she will make a bold move now to prove to the NBA that we want our team to stay in Seattle.”