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Great Work - Crazy Emotions

A lot of credit needs to go out to all the newer folks with SOS. Steve and I still get all the credit but in recent months there has been a cadre of new talent that has expanded the scope of things tremendously. I didn't have a damn thing to do with Portland or last night, both tremendous experiences. Way to go Jeremy, Adam, Eric, and all the rest.

Here goes my hodge-podge of reports and feelings..

I think we showed how a positive example can resonate more loudly than a negative one. We had just the right amount of bitter undertones on this one that the nation will be sympathetic but will understand that we're getting screwed. We did this the right way and it is starting to come back to us. The other guys...maybe not.

ESPN was there all night and will be running a special on this Wed. on Outside the Lines. We got some great footage and I think they share our outrage over the last E-mails and the commissioners actions. The national coverage increases.

The Governor, her staff, and her campaign staff are meeting this morning, probably right about now to finalize their plan for distribution Tuesday morning. I had what I consider productive conversation with her staff all weekend and think that we were able to educate them a little bit on our perspective of things. Her intention now is to send a letter from the State of Washington to the NBA with signatures from virtually every government leader indicating our interest in getting this done and our disdaine for the process. We're hoping for an equally committed letter to the city/Ballmer group to convince them to make a presentation at the owners meetings. The two items combine for a nice package. It is not that the Governor does not want to help. In many ways she is being unfairly singled out right now when a lot of people have failed. However at the end of the day when you are the executive and your party has a super majority how can anyone else shoulder the blame? The buck stops with her and she needs to get creative right now, solve the immediate problem, then we'll talk about Ron Simms' complete and total betrayal of the regions sports fans.

The Governor is expecting to announced her plan this afternoon or tomorrow am. It will really be down to the wire. Regardless it is great news that Sonics fans have been able to be such a big part of the process.

Big props to Mark Cuban! Thanks for mentioning us and you should all go to and check out the video of the comments he makes. Incidentally the big drawback of posting things here on is that our favorite league commissioners office reads this site. Cuban was warned he would be fined if he wore the shirt. I'm glad he talks about the numbers not working out when it comes to relocation. We're going to have a guy advocating for us with facts who also happened to be in the building last night and can speak passionately about that. Really great news.

I personally an really, really touched by the number of people who come up and thank me daily. It is getting awfully weird walking through the arena the number of people who stop to shake my hand, tell me they know me. Lots of Sonics employees offered really kind words last night. There was a group of disabled guys last night who I met before the game and wanted my picture with them. Just great guys telling me how much joy they get from the team and really making me feel important. I hope they really send me the picture!. Earlier in the weekend a door to door magazine salesman recognized me and was so thankful for what I do. He actually said "I knew I'd meet a celebrity one of these days." Memo: I am not a celebrity, nor anybody remotely important. I do however appreciate all the kinds words.

This thing I am doing gets to be a real grind. There are days when I feel like the only reason I do it is an intense desire to finish what I started and to fight the fight. Other days, like today I really begin to realize the sense of community that comes with sports and that there are so many people out there we are fighting for. Thanks to all of you for being there supporting. It is really special.

Also last night I just really pondered the concept of two years of lame duck status. The more I give it real thought the more I just realize that the NBA has so much more to lose than we do. They never thought we would hold them to the fire. They never thought the Mayor would not blink(he won't so you know!) and they really have not addressed the issue. I started to think about the stakes, specifically the money and I wonder what the dollar value is. I would have to think that having Kevin Durant in a lame duck situation with one of their 30 teams is going to be measured in the hundreds of millions. They have to find a resolution other than lame duck status. It simply does not work.