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Hello from NY

As some of you(those who watch the news anyway) may have figured out I made the trip at the last minute.

We came to a conclusion that while we will be unable or unlikely to influence the owners in any way have an obligation to be here so that someone can tell our side of the story to the assembled national media. I will make sure to say hello to Darnell Mayberry for all of you.

Crazy news today with Clay Bennett being the first one to claim collusion. I've spoken to a couple of people today who feel that he may have felt the need to make a statement to other owners. This is a good thing. It means that they are questioning him.

I fully expect a vote to relocate tomorrow. If we get a deferral it is a huge win and a sign that things are unraveling.

I am VERY tired. Will touch base tomorrow AM with anthing I hear.