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Tuesday Evening Thread


[update by Big Chris 6:27PM]

Good old Howard Schultz.

Charging that the buyers of the Seattle SuperSonics "were willing to lie, and did lie" about their intentions to keep the team in Seattle, former owner Howard Schultz has filed suit in federal district court in Seattle seeking to undo the sale he made in 2006.

The suit comes only four days after NBA owners voted to allow the Sonics to move to Oklahoma City, the home of the group that paid Schultz $350 million for the team.

How many bone-head emails can circus-master Stern "not read" before he has to do something about this?

Schultz's lawsuit discloses a new e-mail, written two days before the sale, in which Bennett tells his prospective ownership group that he could simply sell the team in a "sweet flip" if an arena deal was reached here and they were forced to stay in Seattle.