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NBA Play-offs and NFL draft thread

Who says we never talk sports? Get your chat on here for anything related to this weekend's NBA play-offs or today's NFL draft. I'm only interested in today's NFL draft, because while day 2 drafting is important, it's 95% guys I've never heard of and know absolutely ZERO about. Jacksonville reached on that #8 pick, I hope they don't regret it. And does anyone think Ocho-Cinco will still be a Bungle come Monday?

On the NBA front, the Sixers are making the Pistons sweat. I think that is good for the East, as it brings interest to an otherwise less than interesting series (on the surface). Orlando and Toronto has been interesting with Dwight Howard playing like a man among boys. And ding dong the Suns are dead. Time to put Clanq back on the shelf. And while I hate to bring it up, props to Kobe, the Lakers are looking like the team to beat in the West.