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Game Thread: Denver at Seattle

Don't you feel more like we're enduring these final games than enjoying them? I cannot wait for some new start with this team. Getting new ownership, a resolution, the whole nine yards. Hell just fielding a competitive team would make it SO much better. Having to watch this crew despite what is going on with ownership is like having a doctor tell you that you have testicular cancer and the kicking you in the nuts just to make sure you understand where that its...

Shout out to George Karl for his sympathy on the Seattle end. We've been playing tag with the Nuggets PR staff but are still trying to get him that T-Shirt. We're hoping he found his space needle tie.

[edit by Big Chris]
Since Brian and I posted game threads 1 minute apart, I'll just add my thoughts here.

While virtually nothing will ever atone for the Nuggets knocking the Sonics out of the NBA playoffs in 1994, helping keep the Nuggets out of this year’s playoffs sure would be nice. Unlikely, but nice. The last time these two teams met, the Sonics were run out of the building. It was cover your children’s eyes bad. 168 to 116 bad. The time before that 138 to 96 bad.

Read what Pelton sez.