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Making this a campaign issue

I dislike the use of the word rally.

That said we are getting strong feedback that many of the powers that be are suddenly aware of the potential for Sonics basketball to be an overwhelming campaign issue. They didn't believe us when we told them earlier.

Please try to come to the Governors campaign kickoff. Wear green and gold, make your presence felt.

This is an opportunity to respectfully contribute to the process. We're not there to demand anything, call any names, or degrade her at this time. We are there to demonstrate that every step of the way this will be a visible issue that simply must be addressed for the health of her campaign. We won't settle for excuses.

Dear Fellow Sonics Fan

Governor Gregoire is kicking off her attempt to get re- elected this week with a bus tour of the state. This tour wraps up Thursday afternoon at South Seattle Community College (Just north of Boeing Field).

Let's take our message to her.

If you can get free Thursday afternoon at 3:30 please plan to attend a "Save Our Sonics" rally to call for a special session at the college. The bigger the crowd the more media attention we will get and the harder it will be for her to ignore our request this time.

Wear your Sonics gear, Save Our Sonics shirt, or at least some green and gold and bring your signs and banners. If you can please RSVP to Denise, so we know how many to expect and so we can update you of any changes in the schedule.


South Seattle Community College/Duwamish Center
6737 Corson Avenue South, Seattle
Time: 3:30