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Public Save Our Sonics meeting - Saturday 10AM-12PM

Hey all,

Here's that dedicated thread Zendoc keeps asking for. :)

The public Save Our Sonics meeting is scheduled for Saturday May 3 from 10AM - 12PM.

Jewish Community Center (JCC)
3801 E Mercer Way
Mercer Island, WA 98040
(206) 232-7115

The JCC is a place where NBA players train in the offseason, and there are tons of non-religious activities that go on there, so we think it is quite appropriate for our event. It's much like your local YMCA.

There's free parking and a huge room for us that was free for our use.

Please use this thread to discuss agenda items, planned or potential upcoming SOS events, media strategies, volunteering etc etc.

So far we have this for help / volunteer needs for the meeting.

1. We need a person to take notes
2. Need someone to video tape it and put it up on google video and youtube so that people that missed it can view it.
3. We need to make it easy for people to get there by putting up signs to direct folks. Like: Don’t take the express lanes cause you cant get off on east mercer way.
4. A couple of us need to get there early to set up

If you can help with the above send me an email to

Agenda items - this is totally a DRAFT concept off the top:

1) Draft day event planning
2) SOS Mariner's game event planning
3) Legislative actions - planning, direction, nominate leaders?
4) Who can do what for SOS: signmaking, political contacts, press contacts, business contacts, corporate sponsorship, organizational skills, etc etc
5) Ideas for banner signs - so far we have "Democrats for Dino" and "NBA - where discovery happens" - keep 'em coming!
6) New York Draft Day visit by SOS members?
7) Summer Leagues SOS presence? Some held in small settings, you're mingling with NBA higher ups. Locations: Utah, Las Vegas, LA, Carolina, Boston Area, others?
8) SOS barbecue! Let's take some time to enjoy this great group of Sonics fans this summer - keep the energy together as it will be a long summer
9) Strategize on how to keep our cause and the Seattle plight in the news
10) How do we show NBA that we have a fan base that demands their product?

Keep the ideas and discussion coming! Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday.