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Playoffs? PLAYOFFS?

Utah gave it a good shot but were just completely outclassed ... as I've said before the addition of Gasol to LA has made them an insanely complete team ... even made Radmanovic look good!

Cavs taking Boston to Game 7 ... I must admit that I am becoming intrigued by the notion of an LA-Cavs final. LBJ vs Kobe, Radman/Szerb, Zydrunas/Gasol ... some interesting matchups there.

Some bad calls down the stretch against Boston but I don't think Celtics fans can complain too much. Boston may have the big 3 but they are a middling defensive team IMO and are still having some difficulty working Ray Allen into their offense ... that's a lot of money for a 3 pt shooter who's fluctuating between the 3rd and 4th option on offense.

As a fan I'd like to see the Hornets advance; for my money they remain the most exciting team to watch in these playoffs. One side of me is saying "die Spurs die" as I'm sure many of you are, on the other hand I find myself thinking that another low-rated Finals leaves more opportunity for the media to talk about the Sonics case. An odd position to be in, certainly.