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Lottery Countdown

I cannot imagine any other scenario where we would have the second bet odds in the lottery and I would feel so little excitement. I'm just going to go out on a limb here...Memphis wins the lottery.

We haven't talked draft much. Obviousy Derrick Rose is the coveted guy and the one who position wise really just fits our needs. Beasley just sends up huge red flags for me. I understand that what I am feeling is part of the phenomenon where you take a player, pick a comparison from past years, and assume that they are exactly the same guy. Beasley was an animal in college and I should be thrilled to have him.

It is terrible, part of me that is really morbid hopes that we don't get a top two pick just because at this point having another franchise centerpiece will cause Clay to simply hold on that much tighter.

An interesting blurb out of a Philly paper has the Sixers interested in Chris Wilcox. I can tell you that I could totally see something happening there if they truly have the ability to absorb part or all of Chris' contract. I'm crossing my fingers against but being under the cap they have the ability to mitigate our teams losses and we all know that will be the big factor this year.

Will you watch the lottery?