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Litigation Station!

It truly is sad. In some ways the litigation news is now the thing that I follow closely looking at every little nuance. 2 years ago I would have had my lottery board all figured out for every variation of the potential lottery outcomes. Now I'm excited that Schultz case has preliminary dates set:

I agree with Percy Allen who states: The timing of the dates are interesting because the city of Seattle's case against the Sonics owners begins June 16 and is scheduled to end June 26.

Why would the Judge set these dates in a manner that virtually ensures that the case be entertwined with the city case unless she felt that there was some potential linkage between the two? Is there a chance that she reviews the Schultz case prior to ruling on the city case specifically so that she can defer her ruling until the issue of ownership is resolved? That would be a pretty stunning blow to the Bennett team.

I have really lost all belief in coincidence. The 16th and 23rd seem like odd choices to me given the other docket schedule.

Onto draft talk:

Just for sh!ts and giggles lets pretend that the Sonics retain their spot at #2, having featured the second worst record in the league. Take a look at the other lottery teams and think who is likely to take Beasly and who will take Rose. In a quick scan my thoughts are that Miami certainly takes Rose. I would see it somewhere around this:

Rose: Miami, Clippers, Charlotte, Chicago, Portland, Minnesotta
Beasley: Memphis, Sacramento, Milwaukee
Tossup: New York, New Jersey, Indiana

Your thoughts?