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Quoting my man Xteve

No not SOS Steve, It's Xteve with an "X"(who also happens to do a lot of SOS work by the way...)

"If the Sonics draft another swingman I am done with this team. I will never watch them again."

This on the heals of the Sups taking Vladi Radmanovich to pair with Rashard Lewis on a roster that had more swingmen than it did victories.

I totally get the argument and I while I don't believe he would have followed through with his threat I felt his pain. The problem is he made this comment just after the lottery was held and(and I've bugged him about it for years) updated their post-lotto mock to show us taking a swingman with the #12 overall pick in the 2003 draft.

The guy was Dwayne Wade.

I'm just going to say flat out that I do not believe Kevin Durant will play his career at the SG position. Keeping him there all of last season was an absolute crock. With that said our need at SG, while not as dramatic as the need at PG is still substantial. In all the talk of OJ Mayo VS Jerryd Bayless I am going to advocate without any remorse that we take the best player, not the guy we think is the purest PG.

The last set of swing players I remember that were somewhat(OK, not very, it's a stretch) comparable were Randy Foye and Brandon Roy. Foye got more love in large part because at the end of the day people felt that he was a 1/2 combo and Roy a 2/3 combo who maybe could play a little PG. The value of the point position got people, including myself, to fixate on Foye while Roy wound up being a much, much better player.

I will listen to any comments about Mayos attitude, who is the better player, etc. I just want to say completely unequivically that anyone who thinks we have an urgent need to draft the guy who can play PG for that reason alone is really ignoring history a little bit. In the NBA you take the best talent, the player whose game will translate the best to the NBA game, and you sort out the positions afterwords.