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No friend of the courts

If the OK gang were declared for the NBA draft right now websites around the country would be praising their devotion to the court. Seems like they spend all their time there.

We had a great meeting last night and are really encouraged by all the new help we are getting. I want to simply warn you all of the fact that we highly stressed information control. While I know people would like updates we do require a lot of privacy. We want to be able to discuss things in a strategic and productive way. If the majority of details from our meetings reach the public then we either have to spend a lot of time explaining ourselves if/when they are misinterpreted OR we have to heavily restrict our conversation. We want to get things done so we are asking people to limit their recaps extensively. If you want to find out what is going on please come to a meeting and help out.

It looks like several depositions were released publicly yesterday and I for one am excited to review them. I'll advise more when I have it.

While quoting Aubrey I want to highlight the quote that, more than the more famous "we didn't buy them to keep them in Seattle..." really seals his coffin. Remember this was at the tail end of the quote. When accused of being intentionally deceptive to get into an agreement how do you explain this:

We started to look around, and at that time the Sonics were going through some ownership challenges in Seattle. So Clay, very artfully and skillfully, put himself in the middle of those discussions and to the great amazement and surprise to everyone in Seattle, some rednecks from Oklahoma, which we’ve been called, made off with the team.

I also want to throw out my random draft talk for the day. There are reports that Miami will consider trading the #2 overall pick because they love OJ Mayo. If that is the case then I would advocate throwing the kitchen sink at them. Seriously getting the 1-2 tandem on a roster is the hard part, the 5-10 spots are easily fillable. I would be completely down with trading the #4, #24, Chris Wilcox, Earl Watson, and another first round pic for the #2, Mark Blount, and Marcus Williams. I know that three first round picks and 2 productive players is a lot to give up to move 2 spots, but if Derrick Rose is a superstar and Mayo/Bayless just stars then you make the deal, get 2 superstars on your team. Build around them with vets and minimum guys and you'll be just fine. #24 picks are a dime a dozen if you can get the franchise cornerstones in place.