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Ongoing Draft Talk Thread

Seattle is uniquely suited to move up given they hold six (SIX!) picks in this draft.

Will Miami try to trade down to #4 to take Mayo is one scenario, but given that there's so much time left until the draft itself, who knows. They could simply just take him at #2 if they like him that much leaving Beasley to fall to #3, and also depending on who they project being available in the 2nd round.

Players I like that would realistically be available at #4: Jarryd Bayless, OJ Mayo, Kevin Love.

There's something about Bayless that intrigues me. There's something about the Arizona program that tends to turn out good NBA players. Will he be a superstar, I do not know but he's definitely a star level talent in the backcourt. And since I don't see Durant remaining at 2 guard Bayless is a guy I could see eventually becoming a star quality combo guard in the Jason Terry/Arenas mold. (Those two guys being the ultimate best case scenario).

The obvious Kevin Love comparison is Nick Collison; Collison was similarly decorated during his college career. Does Love project as a PF or a C at the next level? Will his offense carry over as well or will he be more of a Collison-style center, tough but still unable to finish at the rim or check true 7 footers? Love has a better midrange game and is a much better passer than Collison was in college, but again I've seen a lot of bigs guys with that skill set that doesn't carry on to the NBA.

Mayo is the other guy, reportedly Miami is real high on him and he has been working out with DWade ... I'm not bothered by the character issues but Mayo's biggest drawback is his percieved inability to raise the play of his teammates ... if he's a guy who needs the ball in his hands all the time to be effective he will not be a good fit for this roster, which as Crow pointed out in an earlier thread needs to institute a motion offense with tons of cutting and passing.

As far as PGs go I think this is a draft where if you don't get the richest plum (Rose) there are some options available at #24 or higher if Seattle chooses to trade up.

DJ Agustin is undersized but could be an outstanding addition to this team with his speed and ballhandling skills; Could he be a Tony Parker type? I believe the skills are there if he lands with the right team ... I would like to see his true measurements from the pre-draft camp because if he's any shorter than his current listed height of 5-11 his career path could be tough and not necessarily worth a first round contract.

Perhaps a better fit with only slightly less upside is Mario "Superintendent" Chalmers, an Alaska native and Kansas junior. Much like Zona Kansas tends to turn out a number of good NBA prospects. Chalmers has good size for the PG position and the makings of a decent two-way game. I could see him being a tough guard in the Mario Elie mold but with more natural talent.

And there's also Kyle Weaver in the late 1st/early 2nd although at this point he is more of a backup or 3rd guard. You have to like his size as a possible PG ... 6'5 guys with ballhandling skills don't come around that much. I like his first step and his ability to get into the lane ... but if he can't improve his shooting considerably he's Gelabale 2. This would definitely be a risk/reward pick.

Guys I don't like right now include most of the big man prospects in this draft: Brook Lopez (jumpshooting big, no thanks), Hibbert (too slow for the modern game IMO), Robin Lopez (whom I like better than Brook but I don't see him having much offensive game at the NBA level).

As far as bigs go I prefer most of the risk/reward guys in the high second round: DJ White, Joey Dorsey. With four second round picks Seattle can afford to take a couple of raw guys with high upside if they don't consolidate and move up; the team is still deep in rebuilding and the inexperienced roster combined with a still questionable coaching staff likely ensures they'll be a 30 win team anyways, so might as well swing for the fences.