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"Boo hoo" back to you Clay Bennett

Greg Johns in the Seattle PI has an interesting story on the Sonics, Kevin Durant should click right HERE to read the whole story. Clay has a message for you.

Among the hundreds of thousands of words transcribed on 470 pages of depositions taken by lawyers for the upcoming trial between the city of Seattle and the Sonics' ownership group over the team's KeyArena lease, there are two Clay Bennett would surely love to take back.

Boo hoo.

In an e-mail to Oklahoma-based public relations consultant Brent Gooden after hearing some of the Sonics players were upset about the prospect of moving the franchise to Oklahoma City, Bennett responded by writing, "Boo hoo," according to a line of questioning by city of Seattle attorney Jeff Johnson.

To which Gooden replied, "Great response. I would play wherever for half of the lowest paid player on the team."

While Bennett's own deposition is almost entirely redacted in the documents released last week via a public-records request, this particular e-mail exchange was contained in Gooden's deposition.

Under questioning from Johnson, Gooden said he remembered that correspondence with Bennett and then tried to explain his own response.

Get ready!
The plaintiffs (ths city) pretrial statements were due on 5/23/2008, and the defendant (the alleged two faced liars from Oklahoma City) pretrial statement is due 5/29/2008, accourding to the schedule set back in April.

On 5/21/2008 the judge had ruled/filed a statement (Minute Order) that said ALL motions to admit or suppress evidence are due on 5/27/2008, that would be tomorrow, Tuesday. This is Motion in limine. I thought we should learn something along the way to recovering our team.

By the end of the week the trial statements will be filed and all the stuff that can be used will be known by both sides.

I thought we needed a new thread.