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Depositions gone bad

Well I now have in my filthy little hands all the depositions released last week. They are some sickening stuff.

I want to point out that I just don't think things are going well for ownership. I'm going to be busy with a highlighter...

Brent Gooden, page 187 Line 21

Mr. Bennett responds to that and says "FYI, once again all need to remember that staying in the region at the end of the day will legally be at our discression."

Page 242 line 7

And again this is an e-mail you wrote to Mr. Bennett?

Forwarding an e-mail you ricieved from Brian Robinson
And Brian Robinson you understand to be a spokesperson on behalf of Save Our Sonics?
All right. You write, "this e-mail makes me sick and that is putting it mildly. Any you go on to express further how you dislike the e-mail?"

Very soon I'll relay that entire conversation back to you all.