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OKC Government

Interesting bunch of notes from the deposition of OKC City Planner Jim Couch.

I was not aware that the government of Oklahoma City is virtually all part time. The Mayor is an elected part time official who is paid $25K/year(no that is not a typo).

He, and the city council(who are also part timers) are basically considered equals in government and their role is to define policy and largely hire paid staff(such as city Jim Couch to work full time to run the city.

It is an odd thing, and one which totally explains what we have seen from them to date. Robert Mac was just hired as Greg Nickels Communication director with a wage of $160K. Totally different worlds in these two cities.

Couch holds his own pretty well in testimony. It is not the real bloodbath that I found McClendon and Gooden to be...