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Hans Dunshee Is A Hypocrite

Hans Dunshee (D-Snohomish), who you may remember from his OTT 'we don't negotiate with terrorists' comments a while back in regards to previous Sonics ownership's lobbying efforts, appeared on Up Front with Robert Mak this morning defending a line item in this year's State budget that provides funding for the State to license and regulate animal massage therapists. Because apparently there's a substantial amount of fraud in the animal massage business, gee I cannot imagine why...

When pressed as to why the State is being asked to get into this business, Mr. Dunshee said "because the voters ask us to."

So remember that, Sonics fans -- thousands of you called last legislative session urging the Governor and representatives to do something to keep this team here, and Hans Dunshee and his party turned a blind eye to your cries. I highly doubt there were thousands of folks petitioning Mr. Dunshee to start handing out horse whisperer licenses but somehow he found time to make that happen.

On the bright side, at least he didn't start foaming at the mouth and accusing Robert Mak of being a terrorist sympathizer.

Your elected officials, Washington.