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To eliminate any confusion... (and to thank everyone)

It has come to our attention that there is some confusion among those outside this site as to the identity of "Steve". To be clear to all "Steve", who has done an excellent job of contributing here, is not the "Steve" who is Co-Founder of Save Our Sonics.

Over the past couple years the fact that might be a point of confusion has never dawned on Brian or I but today it became an issue and now that we realize that point of confusion it answers a few questions.

I have been asked more than a few times about things "I said" that I didn't remember saying. Now granted I can ramble with the best of them and don't always remember everything I have said but I was pretty sure I wasn't THAT forgetful. ;-)

So keep up the good work Steve but I just wanted to take this moment to put that identity issue to bed.

Since it is traditional to have articles start threads for conversation I wanted to take this moment to start a "Thank you" thread.

While Brian and I get the lions share of the attention as Co-Founders of Save Our Sonics we want to be sure that everyone knows just how much work is done by others that got us to where we are. They don't get (and often don't want) the attention but for this thread I want to publicly thank every one of the nearly 10,000 people who are "members" of the cause.

I will list them all and thank each one individually starting with:

Brian: Wow, it has been 2 years since we first talked about an SOS effort. After more than a decade of "knowing" each other starting in the old list server days (for those young folks it was life before blogs and forums. ;-) ) we had never met or even talked personally until this started. In so many ways we are completely different people that would probably never have any reason to know each other without this issue. Now we not only work together but have become great friends.

We both have different skill sets but we work well together and this has been an amazing partnership. When I picked him to join me in starting up this group I had no idea we would make such a good team and I have to say that I don't think I could have found anyone that could have worked as hard, and gotten such good results, as Brian. Watching him grow as a person over these two years has been very rewarding. From a guy that didn't even own a suit he is now a guy that can hold is own in a meeting with anyone, anywhere. I would never hesitate to take him with me to a meeting anywhere including the White House and I know he would handle himself well.

He has my undying support and complete loyalty and I am proud to be his friend. I'll stop before we get into the Clay loves David territory but I just wanted to take a moment to publicly thank him for his hard work.

B.J. : B.J. was there from the start and did the "dirty work" that Brian and I had no idea how to do but was oh so important to getting us going the right way. Much like an offensive lineman he did the hard work that had to be done but that no one notices unless there is a hiccup. He did it well and he has our great thanks and appreciation.

Denise: Our in house Storm fan. This amazing lady said from day one that she was in this to the end no matter what happened and she has been true to her word. While some Storm fans went away when the Storm were saved she has kept working hard to make sure we finish the job. She is on cloud 9 right now with the new Storm season coming on and I couldn't be happier to watch her passion for her team. She has been willing to take on anything including speaking in front of the House Finance committee even though that wasn't in her comfort zone.

Griff: Another guy that has been there from the start and has been willing to do anything he can to save the team. I must admit my first sight of this imposing character dressed in green and gold with a green "Mr T" Mohawk cap and "hulk gloves" gave me pause but he is another guy I am glad to have around. It has been great to see him move from professional student to a productive member of society. ;-)

Paul: This guy is amazing. Intelligent, driven, humble to a fault, and fits into any situation. He seems to know EVERYONE and has an amazing talent for pulling together a meeting that no one else has been able to get. He has a great legal mind and makes sure he is well educated on any issue. Paul actually prepares for interviews, a talent that Brian and I need to learn. ;-) Another person I would have never known without this issue that I can now say is a friend I will have for the rest of my life.

Aaron: Another great legal mind. More laid back than the rest of us he can often go un-noticed but when the book is closed on this issue he will be one of the people that you can safely say changed the tide in this cause.

Most don't know this but these two saved the day for this cause. When Brian and I were burned out, out of ideas, and feeling pretty defeated a year ago these two great legal minds hatched the idea that changed the direction of this deal and lit the fire under Brian and I that kept us going. Without them the Sonics would be gone already but because of them we are in a position of strength now. Others may forget but when I am watching the Seattle Supersonics in the playoffs years from now I will remind everyone that it was only possible because of these two. THANK YOU!

And of late we have had Adam, Jeremy, and a host of others come on board and contribute at a high level. I thank them all and look forward to getting to know them better over the coming months.

I have rambled too long so I’ll get to mentioning the other 9000+ another day but lastly I wanted to thank Clay Bennett. Despite our limited time together you have had a profound impact on my life. You have brought some great people into my life and have presented me with one of the greatest challenges in my life. When this is all over and done with and you are back in OKC watching the Sonics play on in Seattle, losing sleep over how two guys you never took seriously shot down your plans to steal our team. remember that I will still be thankful for you for bringing these friends into my life and for so many things that have changed my life for the better.