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Site help needed, Shout out to Groz

We need someone to volunteer to be the moderator for the forums. Over the past year I have not been dilligent enough in replying to people, resolving login issues, or getting new people signed up. There are tremendous spam issues that have just made this a nusance for me and, like many nusances it gets disregarded. I don't want to disrespect the people who want to participate by ignoring them any longer so if you would like to be a moderator please let me know at

We'll be re-doing the site in its entirety very shortly.

I want to give my respects to Dave Grosby who demonstrated a lot of class in the lastest KJR move and accompanying article. For all our complaints regarding KJR it needs to be known that they are operating in a really rapidly changing industry and have some huge budget challenges. It is one of those situation where they are so visible that we assume they must be made of money. The fact is they put all their money into being visible...

Groz' show has never been my favorite. I'm not as into the entertainment talk that some others are. That is a matter of personal preference. I will tell you that in discussing issues with him off the air Dave Grosby is as knowledgeable about sports, strategy, and issues in general as just about anyone I know. Having been interviewed by literally hundreds of hosts I would label him as the best. He controls the segment with an easy flow, allows the perfect balance of talk and listen for both parties and is just very professional. You wouldn't think there is so much to a 5 minute interview but there is. When we host an event he manages to say "I'm talking here with Brian Robinson, from about the event he's hosting tomorrow at 1pm at X location" about every 30 seconds whereas many other guys forget the whole point of the interview, interupt you all the time, and never even mention the site. He gets why we do all this and is good at making his points. There is a ton of depth behind his schtick.

Best of luck Dave.