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We can use your help.

We are going to do major changes to our web presence and migrate the SOS planning and strategy off the blog and onto forums on the Save Our Sonics site. We are working on major upgrades to both sites and we need some people who have an understanding of both Dotnetnuke and Wordpress to help out. If you know either of these programs, or know someone who does, we need your skills.

If you don’t, but still have interest in helping we need people to take over sections of the sites and manage the content in them. Both people to write the content and people who will post it and keep it up to date are needed. We will have a repository for documents so we need people who will snoop out all the documents stored here and elsewhere and add them to the repository. If you want to help out in these areas please email webmaster at saveoursonics dot org

With the rapid growth of the group we never had the time to take a deep breath and build out the websites to their full potential like we should have in the beginning so now that we have a little bit of a break we need to get that done.