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Join The Cult of Sonics

New community site is up NOW.

Momentum for the rally is gathering fast with several radio stations picking up involvement and a great deal of coverage already being assigned. KJR is simply all over this. Tons of credit their way. This will be a nationally covered event. Clearly people still LOVE THE GLOVE.

While pimping new sites it would be neglectful not to mention the E-Bay Store.

Todays news would include massive, league wide scandal and tedious details about the court access.

Regarding Donaghy I just don't know how you can hear about this and not think about game 7 of the Suns/Sonics series in 2003. One website described it as follows:

June 5, 1993: Suns-Sonics Game 7 of the Western Conference finals in Phoenix. Everyone wanted a Phoenix-Chicago Final for obvious reasons: A Charles Barkley-Michael Jordan matchup. In the series' first six games, Phoenix shot 15 more free throws than Seattle, a testament to the Suns' scrambling, clawing style of play. Game 7 was a lot different: According to a wire report, it was "a record free throw bonanza" for the Suns. The Suns attempted 64 free throws in the game, making 57 (still an NBA playoff record). Seattle shot 36 free throws -- only 10 more than Phoenix had in the third quarter alone. The big complaint afterward: The game was not refereed the same way the first six games were refereed, which penalized the Sonics. The headline on columnist Art Thiel's piece the next day in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer raised the issue: "Was the Fix In?" The Suns won, 123-110, but lost to the Bulls in six games

Here's what I know. The NBA really wanted the Suns to win that series to have a Barkley/Jordan matchup and Lester Munson is getting an entire career off of the NBA. They need to clean up their act. This helps raise the overall scandal-meter which is good for our cause. As the trial gets uglier and uglier perhaps they reach a breaking point where they cut their losses and find a resolution of some kid.

In regards to court access: We were talking about it yesterday and came to the conclusion that we're not certain if it helps to have fans in the courtroom. Multiple attorneys we have spoken to describe this as "all downside, no upside" and have real concerns that inappropriate actions by fans in the courtroom will add credence to Clay Bennetts point that the relationship is disfunctional. Please, if you attend the courtroom be courteous and respectful. Any improper behavior could be very damaging for our side.

Wasn't there a playoff game last night?